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Small tip menu today, I went to the dentist yesterday ♡(>ᴗ•) meow

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Dildo or Vibrator, Spanking, Masturbation, Fingering, Flashing, Sex Toys, Leather, Foot Fetish, Heels, Squirt, Steel bondage, Spanking in chastity, full chastity, hard ass spanking, chains and bondage (any ideas), leather bondage, maid cosplay, submissive positions, nipple clamps, Anal Toys, Orgasm, Nipple Toys
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What kind of BDSM is here?
Hi, I'm Ruby 🖤 I love chastity and almost always wear a chastity belt. To add more emotions and variety to my life, I decided to host a show where you will control me in real time. There are plenty of things on the tip menu that can make me horny. Will you let me cum? It's up to you to decide. Usually the shows start with leather bondage and without chastity so that you can show your imagination and realize more ideas. In a perfect show, I always end up in chastity in the end. In that case, I stay in chastity until the next show. Consider my rules and limits 🖤
A few things about me
- always collared - I'm waiting for a good spanking - I know the submissive positions - I'm ready to serve - I love bondage, chastity, leather and chains - amethyst plug in my ass looks great - 172 cm - 39 size feet - 75B boobs size - 66 cm waist - 95 cm hips - 100 cm leg
Thanks for the best support to these guys: ♡(>ᴗ•)
1. Voyeur_Volker 2. xtroltrolx 3. dinmor1231 4. crapidu35 5. LittleChum 6. Pascal90 7. Nitrozzz 8. buddystefan_32 9. Boy4578 10. alexibexi2 I also remember everyone who is not on this list and am very grateful to you guys <3
Toys and Rules
Rules: 1. English is preferred in chat. 2. I can't provide any personal information (real name, place, etc.). 3. Be positive and have fun with us. 4. I don't discuss politics or religion. 5. No tips - no requests 6. If your custom request is outside of my rules, I cannot do it even in PVT. What I don’t do (don’t discuss): - anal (any dirt) - any pain (except spanking) - take off my mask or wig - wax - strangulation - slaps - clitoral clamps What I will be doing soon (in the process of delivery): - soft nipple spanking - soft spanking pussy For me, BDSM is not pain. I love spanking, chastity, bondage and submissive positions, I love serving as a maid. It's always more emotion and aesthetics than pain. There will be no harshness in my show, I am a soft and beautiful slave girl. Don't try to hurt me.
- Why masks? - I have big problems with my teeth and I will be wearing a mask until I fix them. - Your age? - 23 - Where are you from? - I was born in Lithuania. This is all the information of this kind that I am ready to provide. - What languages ​​do you know? - Several, but English is not my strong point. I'm trying to speak better, but at the moment I can be very clumsy. - What do you do in real life? - I'm a graphic designer - Who is Jaxon? - This is my friend who I trust the most (including keys). He helps me with the technical part and may take part in the show in the future if he wants. He is 26 and a voice actor. He is the sub of another girl and my best girlfriend and registered with me together so that I wouldn't be so scared (I was very afraid to start my shows here at first)
Unexpected information
How much did I earn here and where did I spend the money? Total: $1532 1. Saved for Braces: $1210\2000 2. Pizza (and other delicious food): $195 3. New toys and outfits (for show): $80 4. Consumables for the show (lubricant, antiseptic, etc.): $22 5. Cosmetics and skin hygiene: $25

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Ruby say meow7
Good girl! 11
ass spanking х311
ass spanking х1033
feet spanking х322
nipple spanking х333
any sub position 2min22
nipple clamps 20min111
chastity bra on\off 111
hands chain 20min33
cuff hands behind 20min66
feet chain 20min33
high heel shoes 20min66
show feet (no stockings)22
steel bondage 111
your name on body15
turn around22
show tits44
maid cosplay 20min99
telegram PM222
play with Ruby in Apex (PM)999
pizza for Ruby333
Ruby rests (stream off)2222
take off your mask 22222